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Roof Top Services, LLC is the premier residential and commercial roofing company in Albermarle County, Virginia. Striving to offer the best in terms of service and communication to our clients, we offer only the best when it comes to preserving your investment. We maintain and install all types of roofs, including asphalt shingles, wood shakes, single-ply, built-up roofs, metal roofs and more.

Roofing Services Offered in Charlottesville, VA

  • Roof Replacements

  • Commercial Roofing

  • Residential Roofing

  • Roof Repairs and Maintenance


  • We are an expert residential and commercial roofing company.
  • Our team members undergo yearly training.
  • We offer a wide variety of roofing materials and products to meet our clients’ unique needs.
  • We offer a wide variety of roofing materials and products to meet our clients’ unique needs.
  • Our team has a wealth of roofing knowledge within our local market.
  • We perform work as if it were being done on our own homes.

THINGS TO DO IN Charlottesville, VA

Charlottesville is a very safe town located in Virginia, famous for being the home to the prestigious Thomas Jefferson University. It boasts a unique mix of a quiet and sophisticated environment, which is fascinating for new-comers. It is a town loved for its music venues, history, bakeries and its residents in a big way.

There are lots of places to visit in this beautiful town, but one place strikes visitors the most — Drum rolls! The Thomas Jefferson Monticello Guided Bus Tour from Washington DC is a fantastic place to visit! This bus tour is an educational bus tour learning about the historical significance of Sir Thomas Jefferson and learning of his many exploits as an inventor and the 3rd President of The United States of America. The first bit is visiting the historic Monticello home of his, which is a state-of-the-art 1769 mansion with an art gallery and exhibit from centuries ago with beautiful gardens that have been sustained for your artistic consumption. They also serve yummy fried chicken at the nearby historic Michie Tavern.

For admirers of art and artistic spaces, the Immersive Art Experience at the Looking Glass Ticket is also definitely one to savor. In this day and age, the Immersive Art is a fast-growing genre of art that art lovers appreciate and is always an exciting and engaging experience.

Roof Skylight Repair Project in Albemarle County VA

When roofing elements like your skylights start to fail, you need a trusted roofing company to help. In Albemarle County Virginia, Roof Top Services is the most reputable locally owned and operated roofing company. As a Virginia Class A Licensed Contractor that’s fully insured and bonded, we’re happy to help local homeowners and property management companies keep their tenants safe.

Recently we were contacted by a condo association that had problems with their skylights. They’d recently gotten cedar shake roofing replaced with architectural shingles by another company without the certifications and experience of the Rooftop Services crew. This left them with leaks around skylights. We have had a relationship with this condo association for many years, so when they started having leaks in the skylight wells, they called us to determine the cause of the leak. The roofing inspection revealed that the contractor they used did not install new step flashing when they replaced the roof, instead reusing the step flashing that was originally installed with the cedar shake roof.

Step flashing is a metal, L-shaped piece that’s required when a wall, chimney, or skylight penetrates the roof, and it’s supposed to ensure that the water is directed away from the skylight and ends up in the designated area below, like a gutter. It is installed in steps with layers of shingle between each step so water will run down each step and down the roof. This stops any water that may migrate underneath a shingle will end up on top of the flashing that is on the shingle below. Because cedar shake and architectural shingles have different dimensions, this caused a gap that allowed water to enter the skylight.

We were able to replace the step flashing with an appropriate product for the architectural shingles, fixing the skylight leak. The condo association was very grateful to have it fixed, and contracted with us to fix the rest of the skylights. If you need this level of roofing service, contact Roof Top Services right away!

Metal Roof Installation in Charlottesville VA

Roof Top Services is the elite roofing contractor in Charlottesville, VA. Offering superior products with quality workmanship, our roofing experts strive to deliver metal roofing systems that best meet the needs of each customer.

We were recently contacted by owners of a house built in 1915 in downtown Charlottesville VA that had an older Philadelphia gutter system and damaged metal roof. After storms came through the area, sections of the roof were lifted and leaks began, threatening this historic building with serious damage. We immediately stabilized the situation and worked closely with the owners to help design the best roofing and gutter system for this historic three-story home. 

After examining the damaged metal roof, we replaced it with a 26 gauge Englert metal roofing system with seams 17 inches on center, a type of roofing that is highly suited for areas with high winds and heavy rains. Our signature metal roofs, proven to last a minimum of 50 years, are not only low maintenance but also energy efficient and highly resistant to wind and fire. This premier roofing material is also pre-painted, and the owner chose a dark bronze finish to match the home’s historic design.

During the roof replacement process, we encountered a significant amount of rotten decking boards and ended up replacing 384 linear feet of 5/4“ x 8“ planking boards. To further protect this beautiful brick home, our expert roofers also installed a 6 inch half round aluminum gutter system complete with 4 inch round downspouts and a stainless steel gutter guard system, all in dark bronze to match the roof.

Despite installing the complete metal roof and gutter system, we were able to complete the job in less than 4 weeks. We also covered this work with an Englert 35 year warranty on finish. Click below to find out what Roof Top Services can do for your historic home.

Roof Top Services 20 Year anniversary round 1 winner

The area’s top roofing experts, Roof Top Services, has recently launched a Roof and Gutter Repair contest in celebration of its 20th anniversary of serving local Charlottesville residents and businesses with their quality residential and commercial roofing services.

This contest features two rounds, with its first winner to receive a generous $10,000 coupon to go toward a complete residential roof replacement. Contestants who wish to be considered are to enter into a drawing by submitting a photo and explaining why they feel they deserve to win this roofing package.

The winner of round one was recently announced. Kayla Toms was drawn to receive $10,000 in roofing coupons to go toward a total roof replacement in addition to new gutters and downspouts. She redeemed her coupon last week to replace the entire roof on her house, including her rear screen porch. The shingles were falling off and a tarp had been put up to keep rain from leaking into the house. Our crew removed two layers of existing shingles, replacing 64 cubic feet of deteriorated ¾” decking, replacing all fascia boards along the eaves and also installed a new gutter and downspout system.

Her father, Allen Toms, expressed his thanks to Roof Top Services for their kindess, stating that due to Covid-19 and the financial burden it has put on many, he is in “without words” regarding Roof Top Services’ generosity.

Round two of this drawing is expected to take place on October 20th. Enter here.

How do you know when to replace your shingle roof?

The roof on your home is the first line of defense against Mother Nature. Knowing how and when to inspect your roof is vital. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, homeowners should inspect their home twice a year, in the spring and fall. A good habit to set is to inspect it when the time changes (if applicable), along with the batteries in your fire alarms. Also, always check the roof after a bad storm.

So how do you inspect your roof? The first place to look is at the ceilings and walls inside your home plus the porch ceilings. Are there any water stains or streaks? Do you hear dripping water? Next, check your attic. Look for daylight coming through your roof. Also look for water stains or streaks on the attic framing and roof plywood. Do you see a sagging spot in the roof? Look at the top of the insulation, is it wet or discolored? These are all signs of a leak.

Next, look at the exterior of your roof. Climbing and walking on a roof is very dangerous and should only be done by licensed and insured professionals. You may be able to see a lot from the ground. If not, contact Roof Top Services for a roof inspection.

General things to look for when inspecting your shingle roof

  • Debris on the roof
  • Clogged gutter/downspouts or debris in the gutter.
  • Are there loose granules in the gutter or at the bottom of a downspout?
  • Missing, cracked or torn shingles?
  • Bald spots on the shingles due to granule loss.
  • Shingles that are curled or cupped on the edges.
  • Green moss on the shingle, especially on the shady side of the roof.
  • Hail damage can tear or puncture shingles.
  • Holes drilled on purpose like for satellite dishes. Look for missing nails, failed caulk or roof cement.
  • A valley is where two or more roof lines meet and allows water and snow to flow to the gutters. The valley is very important part of the roof and any damage or missing shingles needs immediate attention.

Flashing can be one of the most common sources of roof leakage

Flashing is what seals penetrations when the shingles met another surface, like when another wall intersects the roof, or chimney, skylight, plumbing vent pipes or attic vents come through the roof. In older homes, sometimes there is no flashing and only tar, roof cement or caulk. Let us look at these in more depth below.

  • Step flashing is used along a wall’s siding where it intersects the roof. The flashing goes under the walls’ siding and is bent in an L shape. The portion that goes under the shingle allows the water to flow over the shingle below it. This is what stops the water from entering your home through this connection. Any rust, missing step flashing or exposed nails are a concern.
  • Chimneys are often a main source of leaks. The flashing for chimneys is complicated, it has step flashing (definition above) and over that it has counter flashing that is typically set in the brick grout line. If it is a wooden chimney, it’s goes under the siding. Look for missing flashing or nails, rusted metal or tar. Also is there debris collecting behind the chimney? A wide chimney over 30 inches requires a cricket or saddle to direct the water to one or both side of the chimney. This can be added during a roof replacement.
  • Skylights also have step flashing (definition above) but also have a seal around the actual glass. Each of these can be problem areas. Look for missing flashing, rust, exposed nails or damaged seal around the glass.
  • The plumbing vent pipes allow your plumbing to work properly. The flashing is called a vent boot, and can be metal, plastic, or a combination. Look for cracks, broken seams, rust or missing nails. Pay special attention to the rubber piece that tightly surrounds the pipe. Any torn, damaged or rusted areas will allow water to infiltrate.
  • Attic vents allow air to escape from your attic. They can be metal or plastic. Look for cracks, rust, or exposed nails.

The age of your asphalt shingles is a factor to take into consideration

Another consideration is the age of your roof. Most shingles only last 20-25 years depending on quality and manufacturer. If you live in a neighborhood where the homes are about the same age, take not if your neighbors are having their roofs replaced.

A problem with one or more of these may not mean you need a new roof if the shingles are in good shape. Contact Roof Top Services for repairs!

How to hire a roofing contractor in the Charlottesville area

When you need to replace your roof, you will want to know as much as possible about the process. Replacing your roof is a major investment that may be very expensive and will make a lasting impact on your home’s weatherproofing, durability, and resale value for years to come. You need to research the company that will be doing the work. Your goal should be to find a company that you can trust, has been in business in your area for a minimum of ten years, has great reviews from your community neighbors, and a great line of communication.

If you get multiple bids, the prices may be similar or vary by thousands. Most reputable companies will be close in price. A cheap bid usually indicates that they are not properly licensed and insured and have little overhead. Who pays if someone or something is hurt on the job? Simply put, a cheap roof is not always good and a good roof is not cheap.

Confirm how long has the roof company been in business in this area.

Roof Top Services is a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor serving Charlottesville, Albemarle, Wintergreen, Nelson, Greene, Fluvanna, Madison and Louisa VA since 2000.

Review the roofing contractor’s proof of insurance

Make sure that the contractor has worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Ask to see the certificates and verify with the insurance company that the policy is valid. These insurances are expensive for the Roofing Contractor but imperative for the homeowner. Smaller companies simply cannot afford this insurance or may say that they use subcontractors and are not required to have these insurances. This is a warning sign, if a company you hire does not have proof of insurance and there is property damage or someone gets injured on your job, you will be responsible for the costs.

Choose a roofer with a proven track record in Charlottesville

A truly local company is located and has been working in your community for decades. They know the impacts of the local weather, building codes, and climate. The climate and wind zones are different from one area to another, like Charlottesville compared to Virginia Beach. Knowing what shingles to use and understanding proper ventilation is crucial to getting the maximum life out of your roof investment. We have built an extensive portfolio of work here in the Charlottesville area.

Our employees have been with us for a very long time and are well trained in our process and our standards of quality. They live here and contribute to our community. Many companies expand into this area, but they bring in labor and materials from other communities. We buy our products locally and believe in keeping our dollars in our community. Lastly, once you become a client of Roof Top Services, you are given priority, if and when you need us in an emergency.

Asphalt Shingle and Cooper Roofing in Charlottesville VA

Search for Roofing Company reviews online

Good Customer reviews on social media are a good way to research a contractor. A company that has been in business for decades and has good reviews for that period of longevity is a good indicator of quality, service and a strong and trusted customer base.

Review roofing manufacturers qualifications

The manufacturers of many roofing materials require special training and or certification to install their products. The more roofing products a contractor is qualified to install the better the odds are to get the best product and installation for your job. Roof Top Services is certified in the following:

  • GAF Master Elite Contractor.
  • Owens Corning Preferred Contractor.
  • Certainteed Certified Installer.
  • Tamko Pro Certified Contractor.
  • Duradek Authorized Dealer.
  • Firestone Red Shield Licensed for Metal and Rubber Roofing.
  • Certified in Englert Metal Roofing and Gutter Systems.
  • Certified Installer of Everlast Metal Roofing Systems .
  • Eco Star Gold Star Certified in sustainable and environmentally friendly synthetic. Slate and Shake Products.
  • Velux Three Star Installer for skylights and roof windows.

What does the roofing company warranty cover?

Roof Top Services has a 10 year workmanship warranty with a GAF Golden Pledge 25 year workmanship warranty available.

How does the roofing contractor train their workers?

Adequate worker training is essential, not only for a quality roof installation, but also to reduce risk injury to the workers and the potential damage to the property. Our roofers start working under the supervision of top installers until they can demonstrate that they have the skills and knowledge to work independently.

Does the roofer complete a quality inspection after the job?

At Roof Top Services, our quality is our reputation. The week after the roof install, we send out a technician to walk the roof and inspect the installation and clean-up process.

Do they have Roofing Industry Memberships and Affiliations?

A company that belongs to Industry Trade Associations do so to keep informed in the technology of the industry and signify the company’s commitment to our client’s needs. We send people to the annual NRCA convention each year. Roof Top Services belongs to the following Affiliates:

  • BRHBA-Blue Ridge Home Builders Association.
  • NRCA-National Roofing Contractors Association
  • BBB- Better Business Bureau A+
  • Angie’s List Super Service Award
  • Charlottesville Family Favorite Award

Does the roof company have a safety program?

Roof Top Services take safety very seriously. We train our employee’s on OSHA safety protocols monthly. We also train all new employees on proper use of their safety equipment. We also have a Safety Officer who is OSHA certified to do spot inspections on our crews to ensure proper safety compliance.

Communication and other considerations to look for.

A great roofing contractor will be quick to follow up with you and return you phone calls and emails. They are detailed in their process and will not shy away from telling you what you may not want to hear. The details they provide you verbally will be reflected in the written contract clearly and concisely. At the end of the process, a great company will be proud of their work and ask you for a review or reference to assist other customers with their choices.

Roof Repair and Replacement for Local Church in Charlottesville VA

Roof Top Services, LLC recently did a roof repair and replacement for a local church in Charlottesville, VA.

The existing roof had multiple leaks and two layers of old shingles. Plus there was significant deck rot due to water infiltration and shingles were missing in many areas. The way the angled roof is structured, water would drip off – often on the parishioners. The Board of Directors at the church was ready to take action and have the roof repaired and replaced.

Several members of the congregation had previously hired us for roof replacements, so the Board of Directors was comfortable with us.

Roof Top Services

They called us to schedule an inspection later in the week. We told them that we were able to not only replace the rotted decking and shingles but we could also help with the problem of water dripping on the people of the church by custom making a high stop flashing to divert the water to the eaves. They loved our solutions and asked us to get started as soon as possible.

We scheduled to begin on a Monday, so as to not interfere with regular Sunday services. We got started by tearing off two layers of shingles and the existing felt paper, as well as replacing 130 LF of 3×6 T&G wood decking. We custom made a high stop drip edge in our shop and installed it on the rakes to prevent the water from dripping off the angled roof, directing flow to the eaves as we promised. The water now runs off the kick out board and to the ground. We also installed lifetime silicone pipe collars, 90 squares of GAF Timberline HD Architectural shingles and more. We rented an 80 foot lift so we could get safely across the roof’s peak to install safety anchors for our workers and to perform the fascia and rake wood trim repairs.

The parishioners and Board of Directors were thankful for the new roof and the fact that we finished the job seamlessly, despite the difficulty level. Thank you for choosing Roof Top Services, LLC for your roof replacement!