Pre-Painted Metal Roofs

Standing seam metal roofs are more popular than ever thanks to the addition of pre-painted metal, giving a home beauty, character and curb appeal. With numerous and diverse color options to choose from, a pre-painted metal roof is more aesthetically pleasing and still offers their performance characteristics of strength, durability and low maintenance benefits. Made of recycled content, they utilize fewer natural resources than many other roofing systems and are 100% recyclable. A metal roof has many advantages over other materials, it will not burn, it can reduce the roof surface temperature by 60 to 70 degrees, it works great with solar panels, FEMA recommends them for areas prone to hurricanes, floods and earthquakes.

Advantages of a Metal Roof

The financial benefits include a return on your investment with a higher resale value. They often have a service life of 50 years or more, reducing the cost by not replacing shingles every 20-30 years. Most home insurance companies reduce their rate on a home with a metal roof.

Choosing a pre-painted metal roof is an easy choice. The more difficult part of the equation is finding an experienced roofing contractor who is a certified metal roofing installer. One who uses the best practices to provide a roof that watertight and will withstand the forces of mother nature. At Roof Top Services, our master mechanics use what is known as a double lock for our standing seam roofs. This technique is a 180 degree double lock seam that is resistant to leaks, ice dams, snow and heavy rainfall. The attention to detail is what makes our master mechanics the best in the business.

New Metal Roof in Charlottesville VA

Pre-painted metal roof installation process

When we start a new pre-painted standing seam roof, we customize the layout as it relates to dormers, walls, skylights or any obstacles that may alter the layout. We change the widths of the custom -made panels to be symmetrical and aesthetically appealing. These panels are made on site with a machine to precisely make the bends for the double lock seam. Great attention is given to this detail prior to beginning the project.