Roof Repair & Maintenance

Roof Top Services is the expert for roofing repairs and maintenance on your home or business. We have dedicated teams ready to perform repairs daily. Our teams are trained yearly with regard to all types of roofing materials and products on residential and commercial properties.


Our estimators will examine the interior, inspect existing roof conditions, take pictures and provide a typed detailed proposal on their findings. Our service teams will perform all repairs outlined in the proposal with before and after pictures to clearly show the completed repairs.

Some of the most common repairs we perform are split plumbing collars, nail pops, skylight issues and chimney flashings.


Roofing systems over ten years old typically require maintenance, no different than your car. All roofs deal with the elements, wind, rain, snow, extreme heat and cold which over time takes its toll.

Allow our service team to assist in preventive maintenance on your existing roof system to help extend the life expectancy on your home or business. Please call our office at 434-975-2051 or request a free quote to start the process for us to have an experienced estimator contact you.