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New Metal Roof Transforms Charlottesville, VA Home

At Rooftop Services, we care about the homeowners we serve, and we love showing off the work we do, especially when it showcases the superior beauty and protection of modern roofing systems. This week, we are featuring this amazing new metal roof in Charlottesville, VA. Faced with a leaking roof, this Charlottesville homeowner asked their neighbors, and one of our satisfied customers said that Rooftop Services is their preferred roofer.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Provides Beauty and Protection in Charlottesville VA

One of our expert estimators got out to the property quickly for an inspection. Unfortunately, leak repair wouldn’t be enough. They recommended a complete roof replacement due to the deteriorating condition of the existing structure. Ultimately, the home received a brand new 26 gauge pre-painted Englert metal roofing system with a striking Pacific Blue finish.

standing seam metal roof

This remarkable project spotlights our dedicated metal roof installation crews. For this type of roof, metal sheets are brought to the site and shaped into panels using a portable forming machine. For standing seam roofs, the edges of adjacent panels are folded and interlocked on-site to make a tight seal. After fabrication and seaming, panels are installed from the bottom up and securely attached to the deck. Flashing and trim components are added around roof penetrations, edges, and corners to prevent water and provide a polished look. Metal panels are attached to the structure using screws or clips, ensuring proper spacing for longevity. Quality checks are done throughout to ensure accurate forming and secure installation, guaranteeing a resilient metal roof. The precision and attention to detail during fabrication and installation contribute to the durability and performance of the metal roofing system.

At Roof Top Services, our commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail shines through in every project we undertake. This emphasis on precision is particularly evident in installing specialized roofing systems like the one in Charlottesville.

Property owners in Charlottesville seeking reliable roofing solutions can benefit from our expertise. Our seamless process ensures not only the resolution of immediate issues but also the enhancement of property value and aesthetics.

Consider Roof Top Services for all your roofing needs. Contact us today for personalized solutions that stand the test of time.

Commercial Roof Replacement in Charlottesville, VA Uses GAF Shingles

Virgina commercial property managers, do you know who to call when your building needs roofing services? Roof Top Services, the trusted local roofing company with decades of experience, is the one a Charlottesville, Virginia, property owner called when they needed a commercial roof replacement.

Trust Roof Top Services for Your Next Commercial Roof Replacement!

Our Charlottesville client was dealing with storm damage on their building; the materials were old, and they’d lost shingles during recent windstorms. Missing shingles compromise the waterproof barrier these materials create when overlapped, which can result in leaks and water damage to decking, supports, and even internal structures. Luckily, they got a referral for experienced commercial roofers from a construction contractor for whom we’d done an installation in the past.

Our skilled estimator, recognizing the roof’s deteriorating state, recommended a comprehensive solution—a shingle roof replacement. Though most people think of residential roofing when you mention asphalt shingles, this commercial building had them, too, and they were a great fit for the building’s architecture. The GAF Timberline HDZ shingles in Pewter Gray that the client chose really brought out the property’s visual appeal, as well as promising durable protection and a budget-friendly price. GAF Timberline shingles offer unmatched advantages. Their layered construction ensures longevity, weather resistance, and a visual look that matches higher-end roofing materials.

The commercial roof replacement process unfolded seamlessly. Our dedicated crews worked tirelessly over the weekend, ensuring minimal disruption to the building’s occupants during business hours. The business owner is happy that their commercial property has a brand new look that will inspire confidence in employees and new customers. They’ll also benefit from the enhanced protection and curb appeal of the GAF Timberline shingles.

commercial roofing replacement

Enhance your property value with commercial roof replacement by Roof Top Services, Virginia’s trusted roofers!

Consider Roof Top Services for superior roofing solutions like replacements, installations, and repairs. Elevate your property’s protection and aesthetics with our quality shingles.

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