Roof Skylight Repair Project in Albemarle County VA

When roofing elements like your skylights start to fail, you need a trusted roofing company to help. In Albemarle County Virginia, Roof Top Services is the most reputable locally owned and operated roofing company. As a Virginia Class A Licensed Contractor that’s fully insured and bonded, we’re happy to help local homeowners and property management companies keep their tenants safe.

Recently we were contacted by a condo association that had problems with their skylights. They’d recently gotten cedar shake roofing replaced with architectural shingles by another company without the certifications and experience of the Rooftop Services crew. This left them with leaks around skylights. We have had a relationship with this condo association for many years, so when they started having leaks in the skylight wells, they called us to determine the cause of the leak. The roofing inspection revealed that the contractor they used did not install new step flashing when they replaced the roof, instead reusing the step flashing that was originally installed with the cedar shake roof.

Step flashing is a metal, L-shaped piece that’s required when a wall, chimney, or skylight penetrates the roof, and it’s supposed to ensure that the water is directed away from the skylight and ends up in the designated area below, like a gutter. It is installed in steps with layers of shingle between each step so water will run down each step and down the roof. This stops any water that may migrate underneath a shingle will end up on top of the flashing that is on the shingle below. Because cedar shake and architectural shingles have different dimensions, this caused a gap that allowed water to enter the skylight.

We were able to replace the step flashing with an appropriate product for the architectural shingles, fixing the skylight leak. The condo association was very grateful to have it fixed, and contracted with us to fix the rest of the skylights. If you need this level of roofing service, contact Roof Top Services right away!