Roof Replacement in Orange County VA

As the leading residential roofing company in Orange County, VA, Roof Top Services LLC was contracted to perform a roof replacement with a new metal roof installation for a homeowner in Somerset, VA.

The property owner knew that the shingles were at the end of their service. Several shingles across the structure had curling and some were even broken. Thankfully, there wasn’t any leakage yet and the owner wanted to be proactive in ensuring that the roof was replaced before it began to prevent any potential structural problems that could accompany a leaky roof.

They asked several homeowner colleagues for referrals and many of them suggested they hire Roof Top Services for our expertise and excellent service. They gave us a call for an estimate and to discuss options as they were interested in possibly having a metal roof installed.

Upon arrival, we knew it was time for the roof to be replaced. The homeowner asked us about the benefits of a metal roof and wondered if it was really true that they could last a lifetime. We assured him that they could, with many lasting 60 to 100 years! Asphalt roofs only last as long as 30 years! He also really liked the durability of metal roofs in addition to the energy efficiency that metal roofs offer, which can help to reduce cooling costs.

Our crew got to work ASAP since the property owner was concerned about an upcoming storm. We removed the old shingles and paper. The existing roof was framed with spaced decking, so we installed 175 new sheets of plywood over the existing space decking along with new synthetic felt and a gorgeous Englert Dark Bronze 26 Gauge Standing Seam Roof.

The new roof looks amazing and the cottage is gorgeous. The owner was impressed with our speed and knowledge and is thrilled to have a new maintenance free roof!