Roof Replacement Albemarle County: A Case Study in Keswick, Virginia

Roof Top Services recently undertook project: “Roof Replacement Albemarle County.”  This significant roof replacement project was located in Keswick, Virginia, at Castle Hill Cider.  The company’s dedicated crew worked diligently over the course of three weeks to complete this challenging task.

The project involved the replacement of an aging cedar shake roof, which had been losing shakes with every storm. The client reached out through word of mouth, seeking a reliable team for this substantial undertaking.

The solution? A 26GA pre-painted Englert metal roofing system, finished in a sleek dark bronze. This double locked standing seam system ensures durability and longevity. The metal panels, machine-formed on-site, are seamlessly connected once installed.

The result? Impressive! The client was pleased with the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.  The work not only addressed the immediate problems of a deteriorating roof but also offered a long-term solution, bolstering the structure’s resilience against the elements.

In conclusion, the Castle Hill Cider project exemplifies the company’s commitment to excellence in roofing. From word-of-mouth contact to impeccable execution, Roof Top Services successfully transformed a challenging roofing issue into a remarkable success story.