Roof Repair and Replacement for Local Church in Charlottesville VA

Roof Top Services, LLC recently did a roof repair and replacement for a local church in Charlottesville, VA.

The existing roof had multiple leaks and two layers of old shingles. Plus there was significant deck rot due to water infiltration and shingles were missing in many areas. The way the angled roof is structured, water would drip off – often on the parishioners. The Board of Directors at the church was ready to take action and have the roof repaired and replaced.

Several members of the congregation had previously hired us for roof replacements, so the Board of Directors was comfortable with us.

Roof Top Services

They called us to schedule an inspection later in the week. We told them that we were able to not only replace the rotted decking and shingles but we could also help with the problem of water dripping on the people of the church by custom making a high stop flashing to divert the water to the eaves. They loved our solutions and asked us to get started as soon as possible.

We scheduled to begin on a Monday, so as to not interfere with regular Sunday services. We got started by tearing off two layers of shingles and the existing felt paper, as well as replacing 130 LF of 3×6 T&G wood decking. We custom made a high stop drip edge in our shop and installed it on the rakes to prevent the water from dripping off the angled roof, directing flow to the eaves as we promised. The water now runs off the kick out board and to the ground. We also installed lifetime silicone pipe collars, 90 squares of GAF Timberline HD Architectural shingles and more. We rented an 80 foot lift so we could get safely across the roof’s peak to install safety anchors for our workers and to perform the fascia and rake wood trim repairs.

The parishioners and Board of Directors were thankful for the new roof and the fact that we finished the job seamlessly, despite the difficulty level. Thank you for choosing Roof Top Services, LLC for your roof replacement!