Metal Roof Installation in Charlottesville VA

Roof Top Services is the elite roofing contractor in Charlottesville, VA. Offering superior products with quality workmanship, our roofing experts strive to deliver metal roofing systems that best meet the needs of each customer.

We were recently contacted by owners of a house built in 1915 in downtown Charlottesville VA that had an older Philadelphia gutter system and damaged metal roof. After storms came through the area, sections of the roof were lifted and leaks began, threatening this historic building with serious damage. We immediately stabilized the situation and worked closely with the owners to help design the best roofing and gutter system for this historic three-story home. 

After examining the damaged metal roof, we replaced it with a 26 gauge Englert metal roofing system with seams 17 inches on center, a type of roofing that is highly suited for areas with high winds and heavy rains. Our signature metal roofs, proven to last a minimum of 50 years, are not only low maintenance but also energy efficient and highly resistant to wind and fire. This premier roofing material is also pre-painted, and the owner chose a dark bronze finish to match the home’s historic design.

During the roof replacement process, we encountered a significant amount of rotten decking boards and ended up replacing 384 linear feet of 5/4“ x 8“ planking boards. To further protect this beautiful brick home, our expert roofers also installed a 6 inch half round aluminum gutter system complete with 4 inch round downspouts and a stainless steel gutter guard system, all in dark bronze to match the roof.

Despite installing the complete metal roof and gutter system, we were able to complete the job in less than 4 weeks. We also covered this work with an Englert 35 year warranty on finish. Click below to find out what Roof Top Services can do for your historic home.