Metal Roof Charlottesville VA: A Metal Roof Replacement in the Fry Springs Neighborhood


Roof Top Services successfully completed a project called, “Metal Roof Charlottesville VA: A Metal Roof Replacement in the Fry Springs Neighborhood.”  This blog post highlights the details of this job, including the client’s needs, the solutions provided, and the positive feedback received.

The homeowner faced the challenge of an aging shingle roof that demanded immediate replacement. Seeking a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution, they opted for a metal roof replacement. Additionally, they desired to incorporate skylights into their home to enhance natural light penetration.

Roof Top Services was introduced to the client through a neighbor’s referral, demonstrating the trust and satisfaction the company had earned in the community.

To fulfill the client’s requirements, a 26-gauge pre-painted Englert metal in Matte Black was meticulously selected. Employing a double lock standing seam metal roof system, the panels were precisely machine formed on-site, customizing the solution to perfectly suit the home’s specifications. Furthermore, the project involved the installation of six new VELUX skylights, flooding the interior with abundant natural light.

The outcome of the metal roof replacement project has been met with immense satisfaction. The homeowner delightedly expresses their appreciation for the transformed look and feel of their home. Equally commendable is the responsiveness and dedication exhibited by the Roof Top Services team in addressing the client’s inquiries and needs.

This successful endeavor exemplifies the expertise and craftsmanship offered by Roof Top Services, providing homeowners in Charlottesville, Virginia, with reliable solutions for their roofing needs.