Historic Roof Restoration in Monticello, VA with Copper and Cedar Shakes

Worried about getting matching roofing for your historic home? Virginia’s trusted roofers, Roof Top Services, are experienced in historic roofing restorations, so they have the right cedar shakes, copper panels, slate roofing, and other materials to make sure your heritage property is beautiful and safe.

Trust Roof Top Services, Monticello’s trusted roofers, to restore your historic roof!

In the heart of Monticello, Virginia, our roofers undertook a significant roofing restoration project, restoring their iconic gatehouse to its original 1800s grandeur. This monumental endeavor involved the careful installation of a copper and cedar shake roof, skillfully crafted to recreate the classic look of the structure.

The owners of this local heritage property were worried that their roofing contractor wouldn’t be able to match the classic 19th-century look or know how to install classic materials like cedar shakes. Every one of our roofers is certified by leading manufacturers and professional organizations, as well as being backed by decades of experience in Virginia, so we were up for the challenge.

Our dedicated team meticulously hand-cut each cedar shake to ensure a perfect match to the original roof’s style. Next, we installed high-quality copper roofing, which blended perfectly with the existing structure, restoring the beautiful classic look. This dedication to restoring the historic charm of the structure resonated throughout every step of this intricate project, and the property owners were thrilled with the outcome! They were impressed by our professionalism, skill, and that we “got the job done quickly and on schedule.”

We’re your local leaders in historic roofing materials like cedar shakes, copper, slate, and more!

Roof Top Services, a locally owned and operated roofing company based in Charlottesville, VA, takes immense pride in our approach to historical restoration projects. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship and precision, treating each project as if it were our own home.

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