Roofing Company Albemarle County: A Roof Replacement/Skylight Install in Crozet, Virginia

Roof Top Services, the expert roofing company Albemarle County, recently tackled a roofing project in Crozet, Virginia’s Grayrock Neighborhood.   This company recently transformed a home’s outlook. A returning customer reached out for repair work on their aging roof.  The job? Replacing shingles and upgrading skylights.

The challenge was clear: an old roof begging for a revamp. The Solution?  The company stepped in,  armed with GAF’s Timberline HDZ shingles in weathered wood, and embarked on a complete roof replacement. To brighten things up, Roof Top Services brought in Velux skylights.  The final touch?  Protection. GAF’s Silver Pledge Warranty is now guarding the roofing system, while Velux’s Leak Proof Guaranty shields the skylights.

Feedback speaks volumes. One year in and the homeowner is all smiles. The homeowner is not keeping the joy to themself either. A neighbor got the recommendation during an estimate visit. The verdict? Thrilled.