Custom Metal Work in Madison County VA

The metal roofing experts at Roof Top Services LLC had the opportunity to put the finishing touches on a custom copper metalwork for a client in Madison County, VA.

The client had a wood bridge that he wanted to protect. The wood was susceptible to wood decay so he called us for help. He knew he could trust Roof Top Services as we have worked with him previously.

After reviewing all the options, the client decided to go with a copper covering for several reasons. First, they liked the way copper looked with its elegant appearance. They also liked that copper is environmentally-friendly as it is a recycled material that preserves energy and natural resources. The main reason, however, was that the copper plating has natural antimicrobial properties that resist mold, thus helping the wood to keep decay at bay.

After taking all of the essential measurements, our master metal mechanics were able to build the custom copper caps to cover the wood on the bridge to protect it. The client was extremely pleased with the look and protection that the copper caps will provide to the wood structure for years to come!