Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaning in Keswick VA

The roofing experts at Roof Top Services LLC performed an asphalt roof shingle cleaning project for a homeowner in Keswick, located in Albermarle County VA.

The homeowner of this Albermarle County home noticed some unsightly stains on their roof. They wanted to have it cleaned off because they were concerned about the adverse way it affected their home’s curb appeal. They asked several neighbor friends for recommendations for a reputable roofing company that could do asphalt roof cleaning and they were sent our way, calling on us.

We arrived for an estimate on a Friday afternoon. We noticed some dark green stains that were creeping across the roof. Many Virginia roofs have green or black stains that surface, which can be problematic – and more so than just an unsightly problem. Many stains are caused by a type of algae known as gloeocapsa magma, which contains spores that can spread across your roof, leading to undesirable discoloration. But there is more. This algae can also eat away at the composite that your shingles are made of, leading to a loss in waterproof function. Thus, failure to address stains on your roof may actually cause you to need a roof replacement much sooner than necessary! We told the client this and they hired us right away.

We cleaned their roof for them, eradicating the stain by giving close attention to each shingle. The roof is now safe and will last many years longer! The homeowner was glad they called us!