Local Roofing Contractor Completes New Roof in Keswick VA

Here’s a great example of how we, as reputable roofing contractors, treat our existing clients. Some roofers might disappear after they do some repairs, but Roof Top Services, Virginia’s trusted roofing company, is always there for their clients. 

We recently completed a new roof installation project for an existing client in Keswick, Virginia. The client had some roof repairs on a previous house they’d owned. So when it was time to build a new home, they knew just the roofers to call for a new roof. After a consultation with our representative, the homeowner chose a modern roofing material: a 26 gauge, pre-painted Englert metal in Dark Bronze Finish.

The roofing system utilized a double-locked standing seam metal material. The panels are machine formed on-site and seamed together once installed on the roof. This installation method ensures a secure and water-tight seal, providing superior protection against weather elements and other potential sources of damage. Metal roofing is becoming increasingly common because of its excellent durability and wealth of design choices. 

Using pre-painted metal ensures long-lasting beauty and durability while being environmentally friendly. Additionally, the dark bronze finish adds an elegant touch to the house’s overall look. This is an excellent feature of metal roofing materials because they can be manufactured in stunning colors and finishes to match any home exterior. 

At Roof Top Services, the team takes great pride in their attention to detail and the quality craftsmanship required to complete a project of this nature. The installation was executed flawlessly, ensuring the roof looks great and performs at its highest level.

The client was thrilled with the outcome and satisfied with the exceptional service provided by the Roof Top Services crew. If you’re in the Keswick area and need a new roof installation or any other roofing services, Roof Top Services is the trusted choice.